报告题目 :Energy Storage Technologies in Renewable Energy Systems: Challenges and opportunities
开始时间:2019-06-12 9:00
报告人 :Dr.Junye Wang(加拿大阿萨巴斯卡大学)

Abstract:Electricity from renewable energies, such as wind and solar, depend on location, weather, and seasonality. Therefore, electric energy storage technologies play an important role in reliability and resiliency of the various renewable energy grid service. However, there are many barrier to deployment of energy storage technologies. In this talk I will discuss the potential pivotal role of energy storage in a future low carbon and green economy. Then I will analyze two main energy storage technologies (i.e., rechargeable battery and fuel cells) to identify the key barriers restricting further development of energy storages in the new and renewable energy grid infrastructures. I will compare the two types of energy storage technologies from techno-economic factors and confront the fundamental question why cost and reliability are still main barriers for both energy storage technologies despite major investments and efforts by industries and governments over the last few decades. Finally I will examine options and possible solutions to address these barriers at the country and regional levels. Despite many successes, much remains to be done. This will require continued engagement from engineers, regulators, policy makers, market operators, and utilities. I will provide a deeper insight to what we have studied over the years and point out the needs and directions for the future energy storage technologies.
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